MONOPOLY Game App Reviews

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Better but not the best yet

I appreciate the changement but theres more to do . Thank you

Ipad app requires additional 5,50€

If you have the iPhone app and want to play the software you have purchased also on your other device be ready to get ripped off for a second time.

Oyun çalışmıyor !!!

Oyun çalışmıyor en hızlı şekilde para iadesini yapın ! Game doesnt working ! Please refund my money as soon as possible !

Good, but

Please, add Russian language and locations and music from monopoly here and now.

Finally implement ONLINE gaming!

Game is nearly perfect. But.... Finally implement Online gaming over Internet, not only Bluetooth or WLAN.

Doesnt work with iOS 10

Nice its just not working with our son anymore... Give me my money back or fix it quickly !


Fun game but you can never win and costs more than writing

Ios 10!!!!!

It doesnt work well with ios 10!!!!!!!

We need Russian!!



We cant continue to play only vs the computer.... Its time to add the multiplayer!!!!!!!

Bug bug bug...

Please help to fix the bug to the latest iOS version. Cant play...!!!


Buoyed the game and cannot play it, where is the update for IOS 10?

Funktioniert nicht! iOS 10

Doesnt work since iOS 10.

Very bad

Dont west ur money dont download

multiplayer problem

There is a problem on Multiplayer

Dear EA Games


Update for iOS 10

Cant olay because of screensize

ios 10

There is a problem in ios10 and its about display. Needed update

Refund my money back

Your app does not work with iOS10. I consulted my attorney. Ill search my legal rights.

Very poor!

+Did I make payment to your game? -Yes +Well, why I cant play? Game doesnt work after Ios10 and almost all applications updated the apps however we are still waiting monopoly..!!!

  • send link to app